Bent Franklin Larsen (1882), Artist

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Mansion House at Nauvoo

548(assigned by BF Larsen)
Mansion House in Nauvoo
Nauvoo, Illinois
Featured in the Salt Lake Tribune on October 5, 1936: "Paintings and photographs of historic settings along the old Mormon trail between Nauvoo, Ill., and Salt Lake City, being shown at the Hotel Utah, have excited interest among hundreds of conference visitors and other art and history students.
"The special exhibition has been open since Friday and will be open all day Monday. Professor B.L. Larsen of the Brigham Young university art department is in charge of the display. Fourteen art students of the BYU spent six weeks last summer in a caravan trip to Nauvoo, spending most of the time painting and photographing along the way. Among the interesting oil paintings shown in the jade room is one by Professor Larsen of the old Mansion house in Nauvoo, Ill., occupied by Joseph Smith, prophet-founder of the church."
This is a photocopy of a black and white image of the original color painting.