Bent Franklin Larsen (1882), Artist

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Sunny Aspens

427(assigned by BF Larsen)
Aspen Grove
22" x 28 1/2"
State of Utah Art Collection
Utah State Fair in October 1935
From an unknown newspaper article: "Bent F. Larsen, professor of art at Brigham Young University, won first prize in the water color contest at the State fair recently with his painting, "Sunny Aspens". The painting was selected as the purchase prize to become part of the state collection, and will be hung in the State Capitol galleries. Instead of offering small prizes to the winning artists as was formerly done, the money is now pooled and used to purchase the winners for the state collection.
"At present, Professor Larsen has a group of pictures on display in Room D, after the termination of summer school. The BYU artist says that aspens form an interesting model for painting because the leaves are placed in such a manner that the rays of sunlight can shine through and sparkle on the two-toned surfaces.
"Professor Larsen has had many invitations to exhibit his wares all over the United States. He contemplates sending two pictures to New York soon. This week, he sent two large oil paintings to the Beaux Arts club in Grand Junction, Colorado, and a group of paintings to Dixie Junior college for exhibitions. It is believed that he has as many pictures in high schools and colleges of Utah as any other artist."

Also pictured in a newspaper article on October 2, 1935: "Today was governor's day at the 1935 Utah state fair and Governor Henry H. Blood spent the afternoon and evening on the grounds inspecting the products of Utah farms and factories on display. Above, two of the winners in the fine arts division, left, "Sunny Aspens," by B. F. Larsen and right ..."